Brooklyn Publishers is pleased to announce that we are offering limited Video Rights on many of our plays. This is a departure from established practice in the publishing industry, but one that is well past due, given advances in technology and changes in society. At Brooklyn, we seek to support your theatrical and educational efforts and desire to enable lasting memories of the production, which your cast and crew worked so diligently to present.
These limited Video Rights are available at a cost of $30.00. Purchase of Video Rights can be accomplished by adding the “Video Rights” product to your shopping cart or requesting such if you call or fax an order.
The terms are as follows:
• Right to digitally record the performances.
• Right to make up to 100 reproductions with the following notice affixed to each

Warning: For private home use only. Unauthorized public performance, broadcasting,
copying or distribution is a violation of applicable Federal and International laws.
Brooklyn Publishers LLC
Copyright © [Author's Name]

• Right to sell and distribute the digital recording.
• Right to air the digital recording on your organization’s website, the local cable channel, or
public access for a period not to exceed 60 days from the date of the first performance.
No rights are conveyed through the purchase of this product to allow video uploads of any Brooklyn plays for internet streaming other than those mentioned above.

The following plays are available for this video rights agreement:
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