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By: Dennis Bush
(: 45 : 5 , 3 males (8 ))
Set in a state-run mental institution and, at times, in the minds of the patients, Asylum explores the flip side of sanity. We meet a former pop star who continues to live like she's in a music video, a girl who was harmed by her best friend's boyfriend, a young man who does operations on stuffed animals and himself, a woman...  read more
By: Jerry Rabushka
(: 8-10 : 6 , 4 males (10 ))
Domestic violence is an issue that finds its way into all cultures and all walks of life. This well researched collection will allow students to see how people around the world have the same issues, yet deal with them uniquely. A mix of tension and humor makes these pieces as entertaining as they are educational. The original...  read more
By: Chris Stiles
(: 35 : 2 , 1 , 13  (16 )
Dave, Dana and Adele are three teens with different attitudes towards technology. Dave hates cell phones. Dana loves a non-existent online boyfriend. And Adele has realized that the most expensive technology won't necessarily buy you friends. But the three have one thing in common; they are all being harassed by the same group of...  read more
By: Matt Buchanan
(: 45 : 6 , 6 males (12 )
     : 0-10 )
Nothing seems to be going right in the little town of Cropley. The cows won't give milk, the hens won't lay eggs, and the crops are dying in the field—until a mysterious old woman shows up. Does she have magical powers or just wisdom? When the town adopts her in hopes that she'll cure their ills, they learn that through helping...  read more
By: Dennis Bush
(: 40 : 5 , 4 males (9 ))
Among the shadows of the bright lights of New York City's theatre district, nine homeless people search for hope and meaning. They're not movers and shakers, they just get moved and shaken. In a world that's been turned upside down, they find poetry and pain, with no pity and no shame.
By: DonnaMarie Vaughan
(: 10 : 1 male (1 ))
A young man thinks he can handle the newest, most enticing drug on the market in this poignant, pull-no-punches monologue.
By: Alan Haehnel, Christopher Sacco
(: 30 : 20-30  (20-30 )
     : 0-10 )
Classroom, Education. Even the best students can relate to Janet O'Malley's lament: "Why do I have to know all the stuff they're teaching in school? Do I really need it?" In this hilarious comedy, Janet gets her answer after being hit in the head with a dodge ball. In one wacky dream sequence after another, she learns how the...  read more
By: John C. Havens
(: 10 : 1 , 1 male (2 ))
Bob Shallow and Barb Banal host America's popular reality show, Extreme Fakeover, where "ugly" viewers explain how they've altered their grotesque appearances to fit in with the established norm of American popular society. Things go awry, however, when a phone-in caller asks Barb and Bob to take a taste of their own...  read more
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