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Comedy • 65 minutes
3 females, 4 males (7 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: Your audience will leave the theater whistling after seeing this musical comedy with its witty lyrics and catchy melodies. (Almost) Got it Made recalls the classic American musical, but it also updates the genre by using a wide variety of music (from Broadway to reggae) and by telling a thoroughly modern story. This... Read More
Comedy • 10 minutes
2 either (2 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: A lull in a conversation can be comfortable between friends but awkward with a stranger. When two people are uncertain of what occurred before the silence, motivations become confused. A humorous test may help classify the silence, but will they both be comfortable when the conversation stops? This absurd comedy takes the need... Read More
Ensemble Cast, Drama • 30 minutes
4 females, 4 males (8 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: A journey through the mind and memory of Amanda, a 26-year-old woman, ...and others explores the dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality syndrome) that resulted from a trauma she suffered at thirteen. Seven personas – female and male – struggle for control. With a mix of terrifying intensity, quirky humor... Read More
Comedy • 90 minutes
7 females, 4 males, 7 either (18 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: The Apple Tree Inn has only been open three weeks, and Diane is worried no one will ever check in! But out of the blue, pop star Jordan Wieber shows up and brings chaos with him. How will Diane keep her hotel running smoothly with hotel inspectors, undercover police officers, hoards of Wieber fans, and a dead body all... Read More
Comedy • 10 minutes
1 male, 1 either (2 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: A simple phone call to an automated banking system turns into a humorous battle of wits between a computer-generated voice and a frustrated customer, leaving us to wonder if computers have already taken over the world. The phone voice may be played by a man or a woman.
The Eight-Year Program of Leningrad's Vaganova Choreographic School
SYNOPSIS: The complete 8-year curriculum of Leningrad's famed Vaganova Choreographic School, which trained Nureyev, Baryshnikov, and Makarova, including over 100 photographs. A volume which no teacher, scholar, or student of the dance can afford to miss. “A serious, indeed indispensable, textbook.” –Clive Barnes
SYNOPSIS: Improv comedy has been popularized in the U.S. and U.K. by the hit television show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” but improv has been around giving people laughs and goosebumps for a long time. 101 Improv Games For Children and Adults is an accessible guide to this magical art of creating something out of nothing — and bringing an... Read More
Drama • 40 minutes
4-12 females, 2-6 males, 4-11 either (10-29 total cast)
0-5 extras
SYNOPSIS: 9/11 changed the world - but how did it change you? Watch the events unfold from the point of view of everyday people in a high school: the teachers, the students, the counselors and the parents. They are people who weren't in New York or Washington on that day, but were drastically affected, just like you, and each has... Read More
Thirteen Plays
SYNOPSIS: Thirteen plays by the Oscar-winning author of Moonstruck. Includes: “The Big Funk,” “Savage in Limbo,” “Danny & The Deep Blue Sea,” “Welcome to the Moon,” “The Red Coat,” “Down & Out,” “Let Us Go Out Into the Starry Night,” “Out West,” “A Lonely Impulse of Delight,” “Women of Manhattan,” “The Dreamer Examines His Pillow,”... Read More
SYNOPSIS: The games and exercises in this book are designed to be used as warm-ups at the beginning of a theatre class. They have been used successfully with middle school students and they can easily be adapted for use with younger children, older teens and adults in various settings. The games are divided into 13 sections: Easy... Read More
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