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By: Bobby Keniston, Geff Moyer, Jerry Rabushka, Chris Stiles, Bradley WaltonAdd to Wish List
Book: $18.95
Types: Theater Book, Anthology Library
Genres: Acting, Improvisation, Playwriting
Synopsis  |  Table of Contents
A Collection of Improv Scenarios Based on the Use of Personification
Improvisation: Actors spontaneously creating something from nothing. Some performers find it liberating. Others, particularly beginners, are paralyzed by the freedom and need a starting point. A completely new approach to improvisational exercises, this text is designed to help theatre students feel more comfortable and confident when asked to perform Improv. Students are given a short set-up scene and 1-2 minutes of hilarious two-person dialogue, but one with enough ingredients to keep the scene flowing and expanding, and allow them to “take it from here.” The twist is that all the characters in each of the scenarios are products of personification (“attributing human characteristics to abstract ideas”). The scenarios, provided by five different authors, are for two actors and cover such fun and absurd topics as The Moth & the Camp Fire, The Zit & the Nose Hair, Two Bats on a Blind Date, The Tongue Stud & the Earring, and over a hundred more for your middle and high school students to select from and make improvisation an activity your actors will relish. Includes: 127 scenarios
Published: 8/2011
ISBN: 978-1-61588-228-1
184 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches
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