ISBN: 978-1-60003-909-6
Type: Full Length
Genres: Comedy, Farce
Themes: Famous Characters, Conflict, Communication
Duration: 80 minutes
Speaking Cast: 5-17 females, 4-16 males, 0-19 either (9-52 total cast)
Flexibility: doubling possible, gender flexible
SYNOPSIS: Dr. Scientist hosts an evening of What Would Happen If...? With experiments like: What if Cinderella was a vampire? (Cinderella: Bloodsucker), What if Peanut Butter never met Jelly? (Pantry Tales: A Matter of Flavor), What if the Three Stooges were rational people? (Stooge Upgrade), What if the Queen of England was a robot? (Queen Elizabeth: The Worlds Only Robot Queen!), What if Cleopatra hosted a talk show? (Cleopatras Ancient Egyptian Awesome Talk Show!), What if Winnie the Pooh was a ninja? (The Way of the Bear), What if 'Free Muffin Day' was a lot more dangerous? (Free Muffin Day), and What if all the bicycles in Britain had square wheels? (The Square-Wheeled Bicycles of London, England). This is a great evening of theater, OR you can break out each one-act for drama festivals and competitions!
Florence School
Florence, SD
Florence High School Drama
Florence, WI
North Union CSD
Armstrong, IA
Sacajawea Middle School
Bozeman, MT
WL Large Group Speech
Inwood, IA
Seton High School
Cincinnati, OH
"When we read through the script for the first time, we noticed quite a few grammatical errors. This almost put us off from the production, but the humor overcame and we are so glad we chose this production for our Winter Drama. We have had so many community members stop us and tell us how hilarious the night was and our actors love hearing all of the compliments."
By Allison Gibbons - Director - NEWLHS
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