Type: One Act
Genre: Comedy
Themes: Teen Experience, Babysitting, Dating
Duration: 30 minutes
Speaking Cast: 16 females, 10 males (26 total cast)
Flexibility: doubling possible
SYNOPSIS: Touching on the trials and tribulations of being a teen, this one act satire brings teen life center stage in the form of a live news magazine. Loaded with teen-friendly sketches such as “Shopping With Mom,” “Babysitting a Child Named Moose,” and “Trying to Ask a Girl on a Date,” it also includes a flashy street interview titled, “Dumb Things Parents, Teachers, and Kids Say” in addition to four short scenes between parents and teens on “What Happened in School Today.” Find the latest in teen fashion, poetry, and of course, advice columns on makeup and shaving from Babs and Philipe, your favorite editors. Besides the babysitting horror stories and red-hot dating files, the play includes two commercials: “Zitaway: A Unique Blend of Vitamins B1-27” and “Parents in a Box: All of the Comforts of Home.” A quick reality check and it continues with “Chores That Bore,” a comical stand-off between parents and teens on cleaning their rooms and taking out the trash.
Mentors Inspiring Boys Girls
Rochester, NY
Harold C. Urey Middle School
Walkerton, IN
Chase Middle School
Spokane, WA
Timpanogos Middle School
Heber City, UT
McCullough Jr HIgh
The Woodlands, TX
Durham Academy
Durham, NC
"I love this play because it really emphasizes the daily challanges that all teenagers face."
By Samantha Nickles - Actress - Mae Hensley Junior High
"Teenage Nightmare was a huge success for our school. For the commercials in the play, I had students tape them before, and we played them as actual commercials during the play, which gave the props people some time to get the next scene together. We also added a new commercial based on the "drama" that happens in middle school life; basically, we made a clip that was like "The Hills" on MTV. The scenes were short, sweet, and kept the attention spans of the audience. I recommend this play for middle school. It gives a lot of room to play with the material, especially the Shopping Mom Scene. The scripts were actually quite affordable, which is helpful for a fledgling theatre club with limited funds."
By Brian Seadorf - Director - Smyrna Middle School
This was based on improvs using real teens. There are a lot of laughs and the show is simple to put on. I wrote it and we rehearsed and performed it in 8 days! Whew! Lots of room for your actors to put their own mark on it through their own commercials.
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