ISBN: 978-1-60003-756-6
Type: Duet
Genre: Comedy
Themes: Food, Addiction, Marketing
Duration: 10 minutes
Speaking Cast: 2 females (2 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: Sometimes you have a craving for something and you have to have it! But why is sugar so hard to find? Our two girls have a nightmarish experience trying to find pure sugar in a world of high fructose corn syrup! Can the natural food store help them? What about the coffee house? Heroines Chloe and Amber also play an assortment of crass clerks and crabby customers as they frantically search for sweetness. Accept no substitute – this play is the real thing!
MCW Speech Coach
Trimont, MN
Overbrook School
Nashville, TN
Mt Pleasant School
Rolla, ND
Tex Hill
San Antonio, TX
Middle School
Las Vegas, NV
South Sioux City High School
Sergeant Bluff, IA
Kelly Meadows knows that it’s like to have too much coffee and too much sugar. But does it make a difference? Not really. You want what you want. Kelly hopes, in fact, that this play will lead its audience to try stiffer drinks such as lattes and chai tea. Meadows enjoys fine writing and fine music, and has written many plays for Brooklyn Publishers, including a Halloween hat trick of Kiss of Death, Ghost of a Chance, and The Sitting-Around-Doing-Nothing Dead.
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