ISBN: 978-1-61588-136-9
Type: One Act
Genre: Melodrama
Themes: Love & Romance, Scheming
Duration: 50 minutes
Speaking Cast: 15 females, 6 males (21 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: In truth, Winslow P. Downs III is a swashbuckling, exciting, debonair hunk (though his head cavity does indeed carry around a lot of empty space and most often, he can be quite the oaf). But not to Emmymaesue Anne Sketchington... to Emmymaesue, he is every bit a dashing hero as he was the first day they met and then some! But making his dastardly presence known, Vidor Simon Persellen unsheathes his fiendish scheme with one pernicious sneer... unless Emmymaesue agrees to marry Vidor, Granny Sketchington will be lost in a blustery midnight snowstorm, Aunt Molly and Aunt Mona will perish in sub-zero freezing cold temperatures, and Emmymaesue will be tied to the railroad tracks, ankles and all! AGHAST! Emmymaesue’s life is fraught with serious trouble... could all be lost from this tragic turn-of-events? In the fashion of the 1890’s vaudeville melodramas, “Seasick” is grand entertainment with several hilarious attempts to foil the sinister plottings of the heartless Vidor Simon Persellen.
Pewitt CISD
Omaha, TX
Madison High School
Rexburg, ID
Indianola Schools
Indianola, IA
Grace United Methodist Church
Eddyville, NE
Mars Area High School
Mars, PA
Kuemper Catholic High School
Carroll, IA
"We are staging Seasick at our school right now. I play the part of Emmymaesue Anne! This is a great play, which is quite funny and laced with laughter! I have enjoyed being a part of this play."
By Emily - Actor - Wheatridge Middle School
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