ISBN: 978-1-93240-430-2
Type: Monologue
Genre: Drama
Themes: Abuse, Family, Multicultural
Duration: 10 minutes
Speaking Cast: 1 female (1 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: This standup comic-style piece is delivered by Maria, a gutsy Hispanic-American woman who finally comes to grips with the fact that she's just too darned lazy to get herself out of a dangerous domestic situation. Why leave her abusive husband when she can sit home and watch court TV? There's always tomorrow to go to the shelter. Things change for Maria when she realizes it's not only her, but also her children's safety at stake.
Valley Center High School
Valley Center, KS
NCC Speech and Debate
Garden City, NY
Incarnate Word Academy
Corpus Christi, TX
Strickland Middle School
Denton, TX
Tex Hill Middle School
San Antonio, TX
Enid High School
Enid, OK
"This is a WONDERFUL piece for anyone who is Latina, or can do a Latina accent well. It shows multiple emotions and is perfect if the actress enjoys over-the-top acting."
By Michayla - Actress - Abilene High School
"This really hits the nail on the head regarding domestic abuse in the Hispanic community, and its humor will keep the audience involved. The writing is very realistic; it reminds me of the way my own Tex-Mex aunts used to talk when I was growing up."
By Jade Esteban Estrada, Director, Actor, Singer/Songwriter, Screen & Film Star (Friday Night Lights, Comedy Central)
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