ISBN: 978-1-61588-127-7
Type: Full Length
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy
Duration: 60 minutes
Speaking Cast: 8 females, 4 males (12 total cast)
Flexibility: 15 extras, gender flexible
SYNOPSIS: Things are heating up just south of the North Pole, as a group of revelers spill out of their sleigh bus and into a snow drift. Keeping their spirits high and lower extremities warm, the intrepid partygoers await rescue by acting out a slap-happy, no-holds-barred fractured fairy tale about a beauty who goes to extreme lengths to win her beast, who just happens to be an enchanted prince. In her quest to live happily ever after, Christiana encounters a wild and crazy ensemble of characters, including not-quite-identical crone triplets, the Four Windbags, the tyrannical Troll Queen, Princess Carrot Toes, and her hopping-mad suitor Benny O’Hare. The comedy is fast and physical, the dialogue snappy and sly. Ideal for touring or contests. About one hour. Teen actors will feel like stars among the Northern Lights when they present the brightest and hottest show ever to come down from the Arctic Circle.
Auburn Village School
Auburn, NH
Evergreen Lutheran High School
Tachoma, WA
Lincoln Akerman School
Hampton Falls, NH
Dansville Drama
Dansville, MI
Big Cross Street School Drama Club
Glens Falls, NY
Forest Oak Middle School
Gaithersburg, MD
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