ISBN: 978-1-61588-125-3
Type: Musical
Genre: Comedy
Theme: Pirates
Duration: 90 minutes
Speaking Cast: 6 females, 9 males (15 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: “We’re The Pirates” Captain Peach and his not-so-merry band of pirates sing as they roam a deserted island in search of Bluebeard’s still-hidden treasure chest. Captain Peach swears Bluebeard buried the treasure right over . . . right . . . left empty-handed, penniless pirates are not happy pirates, mutiny is close at hand! Until, Barbara and her not-so-eager castaways get stranded on the island with little, except for two lovely cameras, 37 rolls of film, a hand mirror, .30 in change, three sticks of gum, and Barbara’s old weather-beaten trunk. Aye! With treasure chests of jewels in their eyes, the clan of money-grubbin’ pirates think Barbara’s trunk is Bluebeard’s lost treasure, but before the pirates have a chance to steal the chest, two kleptomaniac natives dance off with Barbara’s trunk (and unknowingly, Barbara’s friend, Dolly, who is hiding inside) and the chase is on. The pirates after the natives, the natives after the castaways, the castaways after the natives and this not-so-deserted island is a treasure trove of outlandish fun with a rousing music score that includes original hits like “Stranded,” “The Treasure Chest,” “‘Twas a Good Life,” “What We Need is Some Laughter,” “Build a Nation,” and several other sensational tunes. After Barbara is captured by Captain Peach, and Captain Peach and Barbara are captured by the natives, it’s up to Peach’s shipmates and the other castaways to outwit the meddling natives and return the cherished treasure chest to its rightful owner.
Clinton High School
Clinton, MO
Hummelstown, PA
Central Plains High School - Claflin
Claflin, KS
Wilson Middle School
Exeter, CA
Willowridge High School
Houston, TX
"We just completed a 3 show run of "Pirate Island - the Musical" and I can not describe how excited we are. The show was a HUGE success. The community came out in full force and loved it. A review in the local newspaper stated "This production bursts from the seams with toe-tapping music, verbal repartee and outlandish comedy (emphasis on comedy), even stand-up jokes. From the opening number to the hilarious chase scenes at the finish, there is never a dull moment."

I would also like to commend your company for its wonderful service. I have worked with several publishing companies in the past and yours is the best. Best Wishes."

By Lynn Cantrell - Carmi-White County High School
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