ISBN: 978-1-60003-924-9
Type: Full Length
Genre: Comedy
Themes: History, Royalty, Social Status
Duration: 80 minutes
Speaking Cast: 9 females, 6 males (15 total cast)
Flexibility: 1-10 extras
SYNOPSIS: Madu, the Pharaoh's long lost son has returned. His untimely return has upset the Pharaoh's daughters. They now have to prove that Madu is an imposter before he's crowned Egypt's next ruler. After three attempts on his life and with the help of his friends, Madu escapes his sisters's attempts only to find out that he isn't the Pharaoh's son after all! Fearing death if the Pharaoh's daughters find out, he decides to continue as the Pharaoh's son, until he learns that he can not marry the girl he loves, as she is a slave. Now he is faced with the ultimate decision: become Pharaoh or marry the slave girl he loves.
Howells-Dodge Consolidated School
Howells, NE
Camden County Historical Society
Linn Creek, MO
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