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SYNOPSIS: The best plays by new playwrights this season: "Bethany" by Laura Marks - A single mother struggles to put her life back together and get her daughter back." "Detroit" by Lisa D'Amour - A friendly suburban barbecue spirals into a delirious, dangerous bacchanal. "Honky" by Greg Kalleres - A darkly comedic play that looks at five people, white and black, as they navigate the muddy waters of race, advertising, and basketball shoes. "The Norwegians" by C. Denby Swanson - A Minnesota woman is thinking of hiring two hitmen of Norwegian descent, recommended to her by a woman she meet in a bar who has employed their services. "Paloma" by Anne Garcia-Romero - Ibrahim Ahmed and Paloma Flores have a problem. A casual college study partnership at New York University has evolved into a love affair. She lightly faithful Catholic of Puerto Rican descent and he a practicing Muslim of Moroccan descent. "The Vandal" by Hamish Linklater - A middle-aged woman meets a strange teen-aged boy while waiting for a bus to take her home. Who is he really?" "Wild with Happy" by Colman Domingo - when the mother of a 40-something gay actor dies, he goes on an epic journey to scatter her ashes at Disney World."
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