ISBN: 978-1-61588-109-3
Type: Musical
Genre: Comedy
Themes: Medieval, Royalty, Scheming
Duration: 90 minutes
Speaking Cast: 18 females, 7 males (25 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: Once upon a medieval time lived a chivalrous king and his weak-kneed son, Prince Plucky (Plucky, believe it or not, means courageous and brave) in a most contemporaneous castle. They discuss women's rights, unemployment, and counting calories right along with treason, dungeons, and sword-fighting. King Norom is turning 60 and would like to bequeath the kingdom to his son, but he is worried about Plucky’s leadership qualities or lack thereof. Unknown to King Norom is the plot of the Witch and Mr. Steelson, a close and trusted adviser, to overthrow him and take over the country. The conspiring duo kidnap the Prince and lock him in the dungeon with Princess Alaina for ransom. When the French sculptor Pierre arrives to create a monument of the King out of a block of rock in honor of the King’s 60th birthday, the royal family assumes the Witch turned Prince Plucky into Pierre’s block of rock. Meanwhile, Prince Plucky and Princess Alaina break out of the Witch’s dungeon and (as all stories go where a Prince meets a Princess) fall in love, catch the witch, and live happily ever after in a kingdom near you. Some of the unforgettable tunes include “If I Were King,” “There are Dangers,” “Brooms,” a riveting instrumental performed by the castle maids (similar to a “Stomp” routine), and the swinging title song "My Son The Rock." Modified unit set.
Arc Stages
pleasantville, NY
Toano Middle School
Toano, VA
Bonesteel-Fairfax High School
Bonesteel, SD
Haviland High School
Haviland, KS
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