ISBN: 978-1-60003-841-9
Type: One Act
Genre: Comedy
Themes: Interview, Food, Communication
Duration: 30 minutes
Speaking Cast: 4-12 either (4-12 total cast)
Flexibility: doubling possible, gender flexible
SYNOPSIS: Chris’s favorite thing in the world is mayhem-loaded entertainment, and he wants to organize a gladiator arena for the county fair. To create a spectacle no one has ever seen before, he decides to add his second-favorite thing: Macaroni. The gladiators will eat it during battle and audiences will eat it while they watch. Chris is convinced that the idea is fantastic and he recruits his friend Nat to help. The two get to work screening prospective gladiators. While Nat asks bizarre questions he thinks will reveal the true nature of a fighter’s inner spirit, Chris finds himself faced with overbearing applicants who have their own opinions on how things ought to be run. The end result isn’t what either of them expects!
New Rockford - Sheyenne School District
New Rockford, ND
Benton High School
Saint Joseph, MO
McBride Secondary School
McBride, BC, Canada
Fairmount Public School
Fairmount, ND
"We through this play together for a competition in 3 weeks, so it is easy to stage and easy to travel. The humour is gorgeous. One of our actresses won best comedic actor at the festival!"
By Ingrid Stengler - Director - McBride Secondary School
The inspiration for a 10-minute duo script called MIKEY MARTIN'S MAGNIFICENT MIASMA OF MAYHEM AND MACARONI hit me rather hard early on a December morning. Large chunks of it were fleshed out in my mind almost instantaneously. I was ready to sit down and write the script then and there, and I would have, except for one terrible thing. I had to go to work. And work that day killed my sudden burst of inspiration and momentum. I did get a little bit of a start, though. That start sat on my hard drive until I had time to come back to it in February. During that two-month gap, the idea for MIKEY MARTIN'S MAGNIFICENT MIASMA OF MAYHEM AND MACARONI had time to percolate in my brain and expanded from a 10-minute duo into a one-act. Maybe having to go to work on that December morning wasn't such a terrible thing after all.
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