ISBN: 978-1-61588-260-1
Type: Musical
Genres: Comedy, Farce
Duration: 35-40 minutes
Speaking Cast: 9 either (9 total cast)
Flexibility: 8 extras, gender flexible
SYNOPSIS: Join the royal court of King Henry CMXLII for a night of frolic and fancy you won't soon forget! A host of wacky characters spreads the fun around thickly as your audience, playing the part of esteemed Renaissance dinner guests, experience non-stop mirth and music in this laugh-out-loud comedy for all ages. Sight gags, slapstick, and mind-wrenching word humor will have you choking on your Boar's Head.
This incredibly versatile show includes original songs as well as arrangements of standards written for keyboard and/or brass quartet. It is also written for SATB with many opportunities for soloists and every part in the show can be played either a male or female, giving you unprecedented casting flexibility!
Lutheran High School of Sioux Falls
Sioux Falls, SD
Forreston High School
Forreston, IL
Veritas Classical Academy
Marietta, OH
Ballard High School
Huxley, IA
St. John XXIII College Prep H.S.
Katy, TX
Lincoln Northeast
Lincoln, NE
by Kevin Kelleher, Willow Ridge Restaurant (IA)
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