ISBN: 978-1-60003-257-8
Type: One Act
Genre: Comedy
Themes: Magic, Work, Fairy Tale
Duration: 55 minutes
Speaking Cast: 6 females, 1 male, 4 either (11 total cast)
Flexibility: gender flexible
SYNOPSIS: The classic tale comes alive in a modern treatment with lively twists and turns! Hapless Al Wearit tries to save his failing shoe store from the clutches of the evil villainess, Petunia P. Leathers, despite the not-so-helpful advice from his wife, Gladys. Their charming daughter, Sandy, is a book-loving girl whose bright imagination beckons to five magical elves. These sprites save the day with some spectacular shoes and the evidence that reveals Mrs. Leathers for what she really is! A kind-hearted police officer and a dancing cobbler round out the cast, which includes colorful roles for two young elves. A terrific show for young audiences.
Mickle Middle School
Lincoln, NE
Asheville High School
Asheville, NC
"The time length and difficulty of the script was perfect for a middle school audience. There were great characters for different actors and it was easy to stage. It was well received by our school audience, though a lot of the humor was over the heads of our younger grade. Costuming was easy but the set and props were not minimal. With a very small budget from our school district I had to supplement out of my own pocket to ensure we had the right shoes- which is the whole point of the play!"
By Brittany Hying - Director - Mickle Middle School
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