ISBN: 978-1-61588-077-5
Type: Full Length
Genres: Comedy, Mystery
Themes: Gangs & Mafia, Law Enforcement & Prison
Duration: 90 minutes
Speaking Cast: 7-8 females, 8-10 males, 4 either (19-22 total cast)
Flexibility: 0-10 extras, doubling possible, gender flexible
SYNOPSIS: When Carol Robinson throws a laugh-packed murder-mystery dinner party for six friends, hires a moody maid to dish up the three-course meal, and refuses to let guests enter without fishnet tights and fedoras, no one is surprised to find a stranger hiding in the window box or two cops casing the joint—except their hostess. Somewhere between the Capone caviar and the Ma Barker biscuits, the guests start unraveling Carol's hysterical 1929 “whodunit” and find a wad of cash stuffed in a trash can. While Carol's friends are having the crime of their lives, Carol is baffled. The stranger is a stranger, the cops are strangers, and strange enough, Carol has no clue who stashed the cash in the trash and asks, “Is it real?” With a little help from Carol's youngest daughter, Corky, Carol's plot thickens. Corky (and friends) found $75,000 in the park, hid it in the house, and are now being followed by a couple of gangsters, who are being followed by a couple of salesmen, who are being followed by a couple of cops. Before long, Corky and friends find themselves in a heap of trouble when the gangsters demand their cash back and Corky can't find it (the dinner guests are using it for dessert napkins). What started with dinner and a murder-mystery among friends, ends in hilarious havoc and heart-pounding fun! Costumes vary from flappers and pin stripes to gangsters, vacuum cleaner salespeople, and teenagers. One interior set.
Solon High School
Solon, IA
Crimora Players
Crimora, VA
Fertile-Beltrami School
Fertile, MN
Live Theatre Workshop
Tucson, AZ
Cumberland County Schools, 71st High School
Fayetteville, NC
Dodge City High School
Dodge City, KS
"This was a wonderful play. It was easy to block and had plenty of room for students to add their own twists to characters and scenes. The audience was rolling in laughter each night. This play was so much fun that I plan on doing it again at my new school."
By Kym Godwin - Director - Hawthrone Brook MS 2005
"We performed this play 8 years ago in our middle school and it was hilarious. The show allowed kids to really take off with their characters. It was a battle each night to see who would steal the show. Rehearsals were just as much fun as the performances. Very, very funny and easy to do. I will be repeating it next year - first show I've ever done that with. An unqualified recommendation."
By Lori Jenkins - Director - Chelan Middle School
"This play was so much fun to do. The set and blocking were easy, but impressive to the audience. With characters coming and going all the time, it made for fast-paced fun for everyone. It seemed like the laughs never stopped! Thank you!"
By Lyn Foureman - Co-Director - Arcanum High School
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