ISBN: 978-1-60003-664-4
Type: One Act
Genre: Comedy
Themes: Play Within A Play, Life Lessons & Experiences, Emotional Distress
Duration: 25 minutes
Speaking Cast: 1 female, 1 male, 9-10 either (11-12 total cast)
Flexibility: doubling possible, gender flexible
SYNOPSIS: It’s a BAD play. There’s a fireman, a princess, a clown, and a pilgrim. And they’re really, really happy. But there’s also a bunny who’s sad because his mom gave him cereal that was low in fiber, and now he’s scared she doesn’t love him. A cowboy is supposed to comfort the sad bunny, but the actor playing the cowboy is so embarrassed by the show that he can’t bring himself to say his lines. So they skip ahead to the part where Prometheus takes fire from the heavens and gives it to the unicorns to make chocolate. Then there’s a scene with a guidance counselor, but the actor is sick, so the pilgrim has to take over, only he doesn’t know the lines and gives some highly questionable guidance. As the show gets worse and worse, the actor playing the bunny promises he’ll share the secret to surviving the experience without being traumatized for life. But first, he’s going to show the cowboy how awful things can REALLY get when everything goes wrong in a bad play in front of a live audience!
Max Public School
Max, ND
Riverside High School
Decaturville, TN
pine crest school
boca raton, FL
Kenmare Public School
Kenmare, ND
Clarke County High School
Berryville, VA
Maddock Public School
Maddock, ND
"The students enjoyed this play, as did audiences, and it was tough but good for the actors to practice reacting while on stage since most of the cast is visible most of the play. Also, as the contest judges pointed out, each actor was really doing two roles--the 'Life Is Happy' role and the actor playing that part. The characters discuss theater and it gets philosophical at times. There's silliness and depth to the play, so something for everyone and acting challenges."
By Kathy Sears - Director - Maddock Public School
Maddock Public School
Clarke County High School, Berryville, Virginia
Clarke County High School, Berryville, Virginia
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