ISBN: 978-1-60003-835-8
Type: One Act
Genre: Comedy
Themes: Haunted, Relationships, Animals & Pets
Duration: 30 minutes
Speaking Cast: 2 females, 1 male, 3-6 either (6-9 total cast)
Flexibility: doubling possible, gender flexible
SYNOPSIS: The atmosphere hanging over an abandoned house is terrifying...and highly photogenic. Cathy drags along her boyfriend and sister to take pictures of the creepy house. While exploring, they encounter an odd woman who tells them something very strange…that the house is haunted––by goats. Cathy keeps clicking, John wants to leave and Cathy's sister just wants a date with John. Looming over all of them is one very absurd question: Is the house really Haunted By Goats?
Crookston High School
Crookston, MN
Swink School
Swink, CO
Whitmore Charter High School
Ceres, CA
Axtell Community School
Axtell, NE
Woodhaven Middle School
Spruce Grove, AB, Canada
Thomas S. Wootton High School
Rockville, MD
"This show is hilarious and my students loved it!"
By Jenna Wilson - Director - Westville High School
Parts of this script were inspired by my wife, who is both a photographer and a junk historian much like the character of Cathy. Thankfully, my wife isn't nearly so reckless or callous. The hint that Brad might be Ettie's son was a super-last-minute addition to the script that came when I was preparing the manuscript for publication. It added a cohesion that I hadn't even realized was missing. Once it was in there, I found myself feeling much more satisfied with the final product.
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