ISBN: 978-1-61588-057-7
Type: Musical
Genre: Comedy
Themes: Work, Crime, Competition
Duration: 120 minutes
Speaking Cast: 4 females, 5 males (9 total cast)
Flexibility: 5-20 extras, gender flexible
SYNOPSIS: Your audience will leave the theater whistling after seeing this musical comedy with its witty lyrics and catchy melodies. Got it Made recalls the classic American musical, but it also updates the genre by using a wide variety of music (from Broadway to reggae) and by telling a thoroughly modern story.
Molly is a twenty- or thirty-something, hoping to make her mark in the real estate development business. Her assistant, Freddy, is a loyal employee and friend, but romantically challenged. Her friend, Chloe, is a glamorous, high-powered fashion photographer who has just returned from Milan to learn her identity has been stolen.
Molly talks Freddy and Chloe into doing a “stakeout” to catch the identity thief. While Freddy and Chloe find a perfectly shallow kind of love, Molly’s investigation leads her back to her own company. It all gives rise to fun, surprises, and the requisite happy ending in this send-up of office politics, corporate scandal and modern romance.
Visit Maureen Kane Berg's Vimeo page for some great clips of The Flower Shop Project's production of Got it Made!
Flower Shop Project at Pillsbury House Theatre
Minneapolis, MN
Udall High School
Udall, KS
Paramount Unified School District
Paramount, CA
Liberty Lake Community Theatre
Liberty Lake, WA
Jones County High School
Gray, GA
NOTE: The show is written to be very flexible. You could have as few as two or three actors filling the roles of unnamed extras, or you could use a chorus of "thousands" as an army of office workers. The songs that could use the Chorus include: The Morning Commute, The Company Song, The Big Cheese, Working in the A.M., Working in the P.M., and We’ve Got it Made. (Many of these also include featured singing or dancing parts that could be assigned to various chorus members or to named characters if the chorus is kept to a minimum.) Other songs that include (or could include) featured singers or dancers/actors outside the named characters are: The Key to Success; Molly’s Grandfather; Get Off Your Mobile Phone; Molly’s Grandfather, Reprise; Opportunity Knocks, Reprise. (Again, if the chorus is minimal, all these songs can be staged with just the named characters and two or three extras.)
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