ISBN: 978-1-61588-371-4
Types: One Act, Holiday
Genres: Drama, Classics
Themes: Classic Adaptations, Christmas
Duration: 15 minutes
Speaking Cast: 1-2 females, 1-3 males (2-5 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: The Gift of The Magi tells the poignant story of two young, impoverished newly-weds - Jim and Della Dillingham of New York City in the early 1900's who find themselves on their first Christmas Eve together as husband and wife with no Christmas presents to share and little money to purchase that special gift each very, very much wants to buy for the other. What Jim and Della do on Christmas Eve to acquire the money needed to buy that special gift shows forth true love.
O. Henry, a master at writing short stories depicting American life, culture, and ethos, used as his example for Jim and Della's giving, the magi of ancient times. “Magi” were advisors to emperors who searched the night skies, interpreting every heavenly movement as a sign to their kings about how best to conduct the affairs of the empire. Within his bittersweet story of giving a present at Christmas, O. Henry explains that the magi invented the art of giving Christmas gifts and ever since those ancient times, people of all walks of life have expressed their sincere love by giving gifts during the Christmas holiday season.
Kings Mills Baptist Church
Lebanon, OH
Seton School
Bristow, VA
Parkside Lutheran Church
Buffalo, NY
Conway Women's Chorus
Wooster, AR
blessed cardinal newman catholic high school
toronto, ON, Canada
Pro-Am Performing Arts Corp
the villages, FL
"We decided to direct this script as a radio play. It was very well received."
By Kelvin Bueckert - The Pine Creek Players
"It is a great play"
By Catherine - Katey Riley - Wallkers Middle School
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