ISBN: 978-1-93240-461-6
Type: One Act
Genre: Drama
Themes: Abuse, Athletics, Social Issues
Duration: 25 minutes
Speaking Cast: 3 females, 3 males (6 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: Michelle won't admit she's a victim of teen dating violence. How could she—and lose Ryan, the star player on the football team? He loves her; he's just got a funny way of showing it. It's attention, at any rate, and from a really cool guy. Ryan's got to play "alpha male"—impress the guys and keep the girls in line. Nothing wrong with it–all the guys do it, he says. His friend Steve makes the mistake of trying to talk sense into him, so Ryan has to do the sensible thing—walk away. Michelle says it's her fault for making him mad, and Ryan's coach tells everyone to stop making waves so he can play in the big game. Do the needs of one "insignificant" girl trump Ryan's chance to lead his team to the championship? Told with humor, poignancy and taste, this play opens doors to discussing a difficult topic.
WCHS Drama Club
Watford City, ND
Olle Middle School
Houston, TX
wauconda High School
wauconda, IL
Cherry Hill High School East
Cherry Hill, NJ
Golden Sierra HS
Garden Valley, CA
Wright Drama Club
Wright, WY
"This heart-felt play is both self-defining and thought-provoking. It allows women to define who they are and what they are willing to accept relationships. In relationships, I expect a bruised or broken heart, but never a bruised or broken face, arm, or leg."
By Barbara Baymon - Drama Director - Mississippi Valley State University
"The great thing about this play was the message and the acknowledgment that abuse is a subject that can affect anyone."
By Sofi Seck, The Current, University of Missouri, St. Louis, MO
This play was originally part of the Breaking the Silence skit series and was then expanded into a longer piece. The whole series was produced in West Hollywood in 2003, sponsored by the cities of W. Hollywood and Beverly Hills, CA, and several area social service agencies. The skits received a special nomination for the Third Annual Domestic Violence Prevention Awards in Los Angels County. It was broadcast on cable a discussion on domestic violence was held after the play.This is a difficult subject to broach for many people, however this script has, I believe, an entertaining story line and a bit of humor, and makes a point that this doesn''t only happen to bad girls, this kind of violence occurs in all types of people. Perhaps this play can help people speak up for themselves or others, or at least realize they are not alone.
Faulkton Area High School, South Dakota
Faulkton Area High School, South Dakota
Faulkton Area High School, South Dakota
Faulkton Area High School, South Dakota
Faulkton Area High School, South Dakota
Faulkton Area High School, South Dakota
Faulkton Area High School, South Dakota
This poster was created by D'Artagan Winford, senior designer at Mississippi Valley State...
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