ISBN: 978-1-60003-807-5
Type: Monologue
Genre: Drama
Themes: Guilt, Death, Disasters
Duration: 10 minutes
Speaking Cast: 1 either (1 total cast)
Flexibility: gender flexible
SYNOPSIS: As if high school isn’t hard enough. Try adding a boy who’s clingy and annoying. To make matters even worse he’s asked you on a date! While agonizing over what to do and how he’ll handle rejection, life changing circumstances take place. What will happen when he saves your life? Will you be able to repay The Debt?
clinton high school
clinton, IA
Littleton High School
Littleton, CO
ROHS Speech
Red Oak, IA
Baxter CSD
Madrid, IA
Central Valley Public School
Buxton, ND
St.James High School Speech and Debate
St.James, MO
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