ISBN: 978-1-60003-655-2
Type: Full Length
Genres: Comedy, Classics
Themes: Revenge, Deception, Classic Adaptations
Duration: 75 minutes
Speaking Cast: 12 females, 6 males, 1-6 either (19-24 total cast)
Flexibility: 0-15 extras, doubling possible, gender flexible
SYNOPSIS: In this story of geeks, money, and revenge, spoiled rich kid Freddy Mondego frames geeky sophomore Billy Milburn for stealing a test. Billy is expelled from Monte Cristo High and disappears from sight. Two years later, Billy returns to Monte Cristo in the guise of Eddie Dantes, a suave and rich Italian count determined to settle old scores and to win over Marcy, the girl he had always been too shy to ask out. Meanwhile, Monte Cristo has declared bankruptcy and the school is to be sold to the towns richest man, Frederick Mondego.
Smyrna Middle School
Smyrna, DE
Robert Frost Middle School
Deerpark, NY
Perry High School
Perry, OK
Kinsley Jr/Sr High
Kinsley, KS
Oakville, ON, Canada
The Graham School
Columbus, OH
The Count of Monte Cristo High began with my love of the novel and its themes of class superiority, revenge, and the power of money. Seeing parallels to issues facing us today, I wanted to explore the idea that possessions seem almost more important than people and causes. The challenge was how to do this as a comedy. The answer was to set the story in a high school, where there's plenty of drama and many of the same themes, only on a much smaller scale.
Billy Milburn returns to Monte Cristo High after two years in the guise of Eddie Dantes.
Sue asks Billy Milburn for help with math.
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