ISBN: 978-1-93180-575-9
Type: Duet
Genre: Drama
Themes: History, War, Politics
Duration: 30 minutes
Speaking Cast: 2 females, 4 males (6 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: This Civil War duo collection dramatizes an important turning point in America's history. Duos include: 1. Midnight Encounter: A Ghost Story (1M, 1F) A cleaning lady discovers the ghost of America's 16th President. 2. Grant And Lee At Appomattox (2M) As Lee prepares to surrender to Grant, each general struggles with powerful emotions. 3. Alan Pinkerton Interviews A Confederate Spy (1M, 1F) A unique look at wartime enemies who come together for a brief and memorable moment.
Reedy Point Players, LTD
Delaware City, DE
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