ISBN: 978-1-61588-295-3
Types: One Act, Holiday
Genres: Comedy, Farce, Classics
Themes: Classic Adaptations, Christmas
Duration: 45-50 minutes
Speaking Cast: 5 females, 4 males, 4 either (13 total cast)
Flexibility: 0-6 extras, gender flexible
SYNOPSIS: When a professional theatre company gets stranded across the country, it's up to a rag-tag group of local theatre people to throw together their own version of Dickens' A Christmas Carol.
The stage manager comes out at the beginning to gently tell the audience that after only one day's preparation, that the show must go on! During the show we meet the pretentious narrator, the “professional” actor playing Scrooge, and a myriad of other “theatrical types” that theatre companies and audiences will recognize and adore immediately. It quickly becomes apparent that this group is far from ready to put on a show, let alone A Christmas Carol. There are two child actors vying for the role of Tiny Tim; there's an extremely flighty and confused crew member who believes she is in the cast; two cast members are very unhappy with each other; one actor who plays both Bob and Mrs. Cratchit at the same time; and others who are struggling to make the best of a terribly funny situation. Everything that can go wrong does, but the show ends with the actors pleased, the crew proud, and the audience wonderfully entertained!
Veterans High School
Kathleen, GA
mcloughlin high school
milton freewater, OR
Southside School
Hollister, CA
Dexter Community Improvement Foundation
Dexter, KS
Holton Community Theatre
Holton, KS
PMHS Drama Club
Pittsfield, NH
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