ISBN: 978-1-61588-017-1
Type: Musical
Genre: Comedy
Themes: Love & Romance, Scheming, Food
Duration: 110 minutes
Speaking Cast: 5-14 females, 4-10 males (9-24 total cast)
Flexibility: 0-8 extras, gender flexible
SYNOPSIS: BurgerTown is a delicious musical comedy set in the Windy City. When Danny O’Riley, a timid fry cook accidentally invents the hottest new craze in the fast-food world; the Triangle Burger, he takes the humble BurgerTown diner from its lowly place beneath the tracks of the Fullerton train station to soaring new heights. Along the way, Danny encounters bad guys, big business, and beautiful women. While he struggles to hold onto his sanity as he chases his dreams for success, romance, and a fast-food fortune.
“The cast is solid and the show looks to have a future throughout America where we can relate to the concepts the show reminds us of so lovingly." Chris Curcio, www.broadwaysbiggesthits.com
Arlene's Broadway on Buffalo
Conneaut, OH
Fisher Jr. Sr. High
Fisher, IL
Benton High School
St. Joseph, MO
Commonwealth Theatre Company
Highland Heights, KY
West Boylston Middle-High School
West Boylston, MA
Grandview Middle School
Grandview, WA
"My high school students and audience loved this musical - probably because it is a little 'mature.' They played up each character. We have a few people evaluate the performance each night so we can select best actress, best actor, etc. When it came down to the best song or ensemble number - the evaluations were all over the board. Each person had a different favorite song!It was definitely a fun production!"
By Debi Foster - Director - Grandview Middle School
"Burgertown is a cute little show with a simple plot about the evils of corruption and the temptations and allures of big franchise money. Set in a lonely Chicago diner that has hardly any business, one of its employees invents the Triangle Burger that sweeps the town and turns the business into a big success. The original owner dies, passing the business to the inventor and his longtime love, a waitress. A sexy new Miss Burgertown arrives and pushes the boss's old flame out as she woos and wins the gullible guy. She later tries to take over the huge franchise business leaving the inventor with the original diner. He reunites with his old flame and every thing ends happily. The score, by Jamey Strawn with lyrics by Christine Jones and a book and story by Ken Jones, in a cute country western style, is breezy and fun. The cast is solid and the show looks to have a future throughout America where we can relate to the concepts the show reminds us of so lovingly."
By Chris Curcio - Theatre Critic - Broadway's Biggest Hits.com
"Hanover Community Players recently performed six shows in the Hanover Civic Theatre to rave reviews. We were complimented on the professionalism of our amateur actors and pit band. We greatly enjoyed this play and would highly recommend it to others."
By Marg Poste - Director - Hanover Community Players
Burgertown premiered in Theatre Building Chicago’s South Theatre in 2005.

The creators of Burgertown are Ken Jones (Director and Librettist), Jamey Strawn (Musical Director and Composer), and Christine Jones (Lyricist).

Mr. Jones is an award-winning playwright whose 24 plays (7 of which are published) have been produced over 300 times.

Mr. Strawn is an assistant professor of musical theatre, and has served as musical director as well as composed incidental music for numerous productions. He currently has a set of three songs entitled “Grateful Inspiration” which is being considered for publication.

Ms. Jones is an award-winning poet and lyricist whose work has been recognized by the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and commissioned by the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Freedom of Expression and the Cincinnati Bicentennial Organization.

Hanover Community Players (ON, Canada)
Original Premiere at Theatre Building Chicago.
Original Premiere at Theatre Building Chicago.
by K. Jones, C. Jones, J. Strawn; Theater Building Chicago (IL)
by K. Jones, C. Jones, J. Strawn, Commonwealth Theatre Company (KY)
Theater Building Chicago (IL)
Burgertown- Commonwealth Theatre Company
Burgertown- Roderick Justice
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