ISBN: 978-1-60003-189-2
Type: One Act
Genres: Melodrama, Comedy
Themes: Love & Romance, Work, Betrayal
Duration: 30 minutes
Speaking Cast: 3 females, 3 males (6 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: Clarice DeLovely, a beautiful young London actress, arrives in Cactus Junction, Texas, to manage the small bookshop she inherited from her late father. Little does she know that Sylvester Swineheart (a devious and distant relative) plans to take over the shop and is in cahoots with crooked Sheriff Hornswoggler, who schemes to put the young mummer, along with her traveling companion, Winifred Snitwhistle, a grande dame of the British stage, six feet under. Complicating matters are a charming book-publishing heiress, Fann C. Free, and the shy and studious Chester G. Whilakers, who carries a torch for the lovely DeLovely. With many plot twists and turns, the "good guys" fight their way through a tangle of jokes, puns, and show-biz humor to save the day.
CHS Band/Choir
Corvallis, MT
Lakeland School Dist. 272
Rathdrum, ID
Mountain Pointe High School
Phoenix, AZ
Grace Prepatory Academy
Arlington, TX
Launceston Church Grammar School
Mowbray heights, Australia
Gloucester High School
Gloucester, VA
"One of our actors said “I wish I could be that witty in real life.” Just a neat, fun, melodrama."
By Nancy Brown, Teacher, Corvallis School District #1, Corvallis, MT
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