ISBN: 978-1-60003-728-3
Type: One Act
Genres: Fantasy, Classics
Themes: Classic Adaptations, Parallel Universe & Alternate Reality, Play Within A Play
Duration: 45 minutes
Speaking Cast: 3 females, 1 male, 9 either (13 total cast)
Flexibility: 0-10 extras, gender flexible
SYNOPSIS: Tonight is Anya's chance to shine. The curtain is about to rise on her adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, and in her final performance she's playing the starring role. But as she sits alone on the stage, things begin to change. And the world Anya used to escape to as a child part Carroll's world, part a world of her own creation suddenly seems all too real. As Alice or Anya tries to make sense of this new world, she must also come to grips with the truth about her own.
The Young Women's Leadership Academy
El Paso, TX
West Columbia, SC
Bow Valley High School
Cochrane, AB, Canada
weehawken High School
weehawken, NJ
Paul Laurence Dunbar Middle School
Fort Myers, FL
Osborne Middle School
Hoschton, GA
"My students and I loved the play. It is funny and challenging. It was easy to stage."
By Veronica Castaneda - Director - The Young Women's Leadership Academy
"Enjoyable Ensemble piece. We used this as a competition one-act and received high scores for the production. Runs longer than advertised. We had a 55 minute bare stage to bare stage time limit and just made it!"
By Laurie Tyson - Director and Fine Arts Department Chair - Luella High School
"Awaiting Wonderland is more than a retelling or rehashing of Alice in Wonderland. In fact, Stack's treatment of this widely recognizable story adds a poignancy that is missing from the original work. Not only did this play stretch my actors, they began looking at the play on a literary level without my asking them to. They had these discussions among themselves. They thought deeply about their characters in ways they had not for any other production of the season."
By Debb Adams - Director - WKMS
A Feathermore tree.
A cat always has something to say, even if you don't want to hear it.
A Tea Party for the Mad. And Alice.
by Steven Stack
The Hatter explains the mad world Anya has now entered.
Mouse takes a break from cleaning to send Alice on her way.
Anya tries to get Mardi to leave the stage but she appears to be frozen. Is she even Mardi any more?
Anya and Madilyn rehearsing.
A waltz from Wonderland.
Mouse with an Alice in her house.
The Queen of Hearts
The Hatter explains Wonderland
The Hatter defeats the King
Anya begins to understand.
Saying goodbye. And hello.
STEP 2013 (WI)
by Steven Stack, Luella High School (GA)
Luella High School (GA)
Luella High School (GA)
Luella High School (GA)
Luella High School (GA)
Luella High School (GA)
Luella High School (GA)
Alice awaiting Wonderland.
Dee and Dum holding court with the King and his soldier.
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