ISBN: 978-1-60003-897-6
Type: Full Length
Genres: Comedy, Classics
Themes: Classic Adaptations, Haunted, Zombies, Vampires, Twilight Zone
Duration: 75 minutes
Speaking Cast: 3-4 females, 5-6 males, 2-3 either (10-13 total cast)
Flexibility: doubling possible, gender flexible
SYNOPSIS: Join Allan and Lloyd, the Rebel Cows, in their latest uproarious adventure, Allan & Lloyd Meet Dracula! Set in 1942. The boys win the grand-prize vacation on the radio quiz show, Brain Busters, and are whisked away to Transylvania where accommodations await them at Dracula's castle. With the German Blitzkrieg raging across Europe, several hapless refugees have also found their way into the Count's domain – including the pioneering group therapist Dr. Twist and his entourage of peculiar patients. Vampire hunters, Nazi spies and of course, Dracula's own minion-sidekick, “The Renfield,” round out a cast of richly drawn characters, each with their moment to shine. Can the Dairy Duo triumph over the ultimate evil? I wouldn't bet on it – but you can be sure that actors and audiences alike will have a rollicking time solving that mystery!
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