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SYNOPSIS: Compiled and edited by Gavin Levy
A comprehensive workbook of theatre games. There are more than a hundred performance-tested theatre games in this unusually comprehensive collection. They were compiled after more than fifteen years of workshops and study sessions. Included are a wide range of proven activities to assist in teaching specialized acting skills. The book is divided into twenty sections: 1. Relaxation, 2. Body Awareness, 3. Observation, 4. Memorization, 5. Sensory Awareness, 6. Concentration and Focus, 7. Ensemble, 8. Characterization, 9. Imagination, 10. Improvisation, 11. Action and Reaction, 12. Trust, 13. Knowing Your Objectives, 14. Life Experience, 15. Spatial Awareness, 16. Motor Skills, 17. Nonverbal Communication, 18. Making Choices, 19. Performance, 20. Thinking Outside the Box. This is a flexible workbook designed to help instructors and participants mold and adapt many ideas to fit their needs.
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