ISBN: 978-1-61588-037-9
Type: Full Length
Genre: Comedy
Theme: Afterlife & Angels
Duration: 90 minutes
Speaking Cast: 3 females, 6 males (9 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: Witty and extremely funny with a message that will touch every heart - that is the domain of The Education of Angels and the formula that will endear this play to audiences for years to come.

Two unlikely characters, Nick and Jenna, are thrown together in this hilarious tale of two angels in training sent back to earth to help Dave, who is having cold feet on his wedding day. The journey is hilarious, the resolution poignant, and the fact that not everyone can see the angels only enhances the comedic situation, as everyone bumbles their way to a happy ending. Toss in an "angelic" New York cabbie as transportation from heaven, a domineering ex-wife who has remarried, but believes that Dave shouldn't and a kindly minister and you have a mixture of characters that is sure to entertain. Ah yes, the heart of the play. Well, lets just say that you will enjoy this journey and be moved by its ending.
Lively characters and flexible settings allow the Director to be as creative as they desire.
The Depot Theater Company
Dodge City, KS
Sand County Players
Coloma, WI
The Hayloft
Ashley, ND
Pilot Grove Community Building
Pilot Grove, MO
Clay City Jr. Sr. High School
Brazil, IN
svea lutheran church
willmar, MN
"This show was one of the best received shows in our 10 years of existence. We have done many classic comedies over the years, but few had the depth of character that this show creates. There are plenty of hearty laughs with one-liners as well as physical comedy, but what really pays off is the emotional ending. It will bring a tear to the eye of many patrons. An excellent, funny, clean show for all ages!"
By Brian Schultz - Director, Actor - Theatre-for-the-World
"The Education of Angels is a witty and extremely funny play with a message that touches every heart. Fun for the entire family."
- Courthouse Players Theatre
"Our charity theater group produced The Education of Angels last year and it was one of the most well-received shows we have ever done. We've done more recognizable titles in the past, but this sweet story really played well. It has physical comedy, some great one-liners, poignant moments and the show has heart. Thanks!"
By Brian Schultz - Director and actor - Theatre for the World
The Education of Angels was first presented February 17, 2005 by the United Players of Friendswood United Methodist Church in Friendswood, Texas.

I think one of the most important things to focus on when producing "Angels" is the relationship between Nick and Jenna. We have to know from the start that Nick is a nice guy and we also see from the start that the two of them really do like each other. Nick is not angry but sometimes hurt and confused. Their relationship is almost like a brother and sister who pick on each other relentlessly but deep down you know they still love each other. Dave is eccentric and you might think borderline compulsive. We always know that he loves his bride to be. He's just desperate to get it right. More important than any of this is just to have fun with the show. We should like all of these characters by the time it's said and done. Even Natalie.

Winfield Community Theater
Winfield Community Theater
Winfield Community Theater
Winfield Community Theater
Winfield Community Theater
Winfield Community Theater
Winfield Community Theater
Winfield Community Theater
United Players, Inc. -- Webster, TX
United Players, Inc. -- Webster, TX
United Players, Inc. -- Webster, TX
United Players, Inc. -- Webster, TX
United Players, Inc. -- Webster, TX
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