Type: One Act
Genres: Comedy, Farce, Classics
Theme: Classic Adaptations
Duration: 45 minutes
Speaking Cast: 5 females, 7 males (12 total cast)
Flexibility: 5-10 extras
SYNOPSIS: “Lettin’ the cat out of the bag is a whole lot easier than puttin’ it back in!” "If you find yourself in a hole… the first thing to do is stop diggin’!" These words of wisdom are spoken by the lovable Sooney Ollis. Audiences of all ages revel in the comedic script with fast-paced, outrageous antics and exaggerated characters. Adapted from Moliere’s The Doctor in Spite of Himself, this play puts a mountain twist on the French classic.
Kaneland Harter Middle School
Sugar Grove, IL
Vera C. O'Leary Middle School
Twin Falls, ID
Academy high school
Little river-academy, TX
Edgewood High School
Edgewood, TX
Brady Public School
Brady, NE
Flandreau High School
Flandreau, SD
With our love for Moliere and the mountains, in mind, we set about adapting "A Doctor in Spite of Himself". Mountain culture, including that of the Southern Appalachia, is rich in folklore, broad lively characters, colorful sayings, tight communities, strong convictions, and traditions steeped in moonshine. It is from this fertile cultural soil that we pulled many of the elements used in Dr. Sooney’s Medicine. The character names are from regional grave markers, the sayings from our own experiences, the personalities based on folklore and real people, and the power of moonshine is straight from mountain history and Joseph Dabney’s book, "Smokehouse Ham, Spoon Bread, & Scuppernog Wine: The Folklore and Art of Southern Appalachian Cooking".
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