ISBN: 978-1-61588-023-2
Type: Full Length
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Classics
Themes: Classic Adaptations, Detectives/Sherlock Holmes
Duration: 90 minutes
Speaking Cast: 7 females, 7 males (14 total cast)
Flexibility: 0-10 extras, gender flexible
SYNOPSIS: "All shadows, except one shadow." CSI meets Neverland in this marvelous merger of comedic mayhem. Murk and Tinker, Fairy Forensics Officers, are investigating the mysterious murder of Peter Pantaloon's shadow. Their prime suspect is Head Librarian Brenda Brooks who despises Seuss, Hogwarts, giant peaches, and the boy who refuses to grow up. As Peter clearly laments the loss of his shadow, they whisk Brenda away for questioning and throw her in a lineup with the infamous Captain Sharp. Meanwhile, Tink pays the Lab Rats a visit only to discover that the culprit could quite possibly be the crocodile. When Tink finally meets up with croc's family, she discovers that the croc couldn't have committed the murder because the croc died from eating one too many dinghys and a poisonous Red Herring. When Murk and Tinker persuade Captain Sharp's girlfriend, Penelope Moppins, to go undercover after Captain Sharp, Brenda Brooks makes a startling discovery...Peter Pantaloon's shadow was maliciously murdered by Neverland's poisonous Red Herring. She also rediscovers love and a love for reading the classics.
Hollenbeck Middle School
St. Charles, MO
Hickory, NC
Fellowship Players at Hampton Ln
Parkville, MD
Suzanne Middle School
Walnut, CA
Mount Olivet United Methodist Church
Arlington, VA
"This script has a great mix of comedy and story line. With a wide range of ages, this is a good show for the entire family to participate in or watch."
By Leona Rega - Director - Tamaqua Community Art Center
"This was a great script for my 7-9 grade cast. The audiences loved the sense of humor and the length of the play."
By Eric Holsen - Director - South St. Paul Public Schools
"Our students loved this play. The audience couldn't stop laughing. It was a huge hit."
By Christi Greathouse - Director - Parkersburg Catholic High School
Fairwinds Christian School, Cast Photo
Fairwinds Christian School, Widow Croc
Fairwinds Christian School, Lt. Tink
Fairwinds Christian School, Penelope Moppins and Capt. Sharp
Fairwinds Christian School, Pirate Crew
Fairwinds Christian School, Stinky side of the island
Algona Community School
Algona Community School
Algona Community School
Algona Community School
by Wade Bradford, Algona Community School (IA)
Algona Community School
Algona Community School
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