Type: One Act
Genre: Comedy
Theme: Cliques
Duration: 30 minutes
Speaking Cast: 14 females, 14 males (28 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: A balancing act between parody and reality, this show expertly exaggerates a day in the life of the modern middle school: boyfriend blues; popularity contests; pop quiz; obnoxious cheerleaders; jock rock; rumors; gossip; sit-down strikes; Dungeons and Dragons; cafeteria catastrophes; boring classes; boring teachers; talent show; and preparation for the dreaded standardized tests. This sassy comedy is fast-paced with a host of great one-liners.
West Jefferson Middle School
Conifer, CO
Dunbar Magnet School
Mobile, AL
Langenburg Central School
Langenburg, SK, Canada
Carey Junior High School
Cheyenne, WY
Centennial Jr. High School - Theater
Kaysville, UT
C-G-B High School
Graceville, MN
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