ISBN: 978-1-61588-013-3
Type: Full Length
Genre: Comedy
Themes: Gangs & Mafia, Family
Duration: 90 minutes
Speaking Cast: 16 females, 10 males (26 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: When four rude, crude, unladylike ladies take up residency at the Sweetwater Inn under the guise of musicians, the Inn is turned upside down. The foursome is the fiendish, thievish Bearded Lady Bandits incognito and they’re staying at the Sweetwater Inn along with an odd, but hilarious assortment of other drop-ins including Clarissa, a fortune-teller who all-too-accurately predicts doom; a mysterious swindler, Fredrico Vinyofski, competing with the Bearded Lady Bandits for financial growth; Luna, a maid who eats an occasional fly; Franklin and Pickles, two likable but lazy relatives; an egotistical (greedy) psychiatrist, Dr. Frankenmirth; and a lovable lodger, Mr. Mimms, who is looking for love in all the wrong places. Many a time this would be considered a full house, but family’s family and when the wealthy, headstrong, trigger-happy Aunt Golda arrives to announce her sixth marriage, the real trouble begins. One interior set.
Concordia International School Hanoi
Hanoi, Vietnam
West Holt Public Schools
Atkinson, NE
River Valley Speech and Drama
Correctionville, IA
North Cedar High School Drama Department
Clarence, IA
Monica Velez
Homestead, FL
East Ascension High School
Gonzales, LA
"This play was so much fun! The audience enjoyed it almost as much as the cast did performing it. It was so hilarious with all of non-stop action and most importantly the Bearded Ladies! How funny is that?! I would recommend this play for any school looking for a funny and simple play to perform!"
By Wendy Louis - Director - Westertonfieldville Middle School
When I first wrote this play, there were only two bearded ladies, but when I held auditions all the girls wanted to be bearded ladies, so I added two more! They were so popular with audiences that I brought them back in "For the Love of Lucy." The part of Clarissa, the fortune teller, was intended for a female, but a boy tried out for the part and outshone all other contenders! He almost stole the show. This is one of my earliest plays, an old-fashioned comedy full of zany, likable characters, unlikely situations, and a happy ending. I just wanted audiences to laugh a lot, have a good time, and leave with a smile on their faces. Very simple and fun to direct.
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