ISBN: 978-1-61588-176-5
Type: Full Length
Genres: Comedy, Farce
Themes: Hillbilly, Weddings, Family
Duration: 90 minutes
Speaking Cast: 10-11 females, 8 males, 1 either (19-20 total cast)
Flexibility: 0-10 extras
SYNOPSIS: One of Heuer's best-selling full-length play series. You're invited to the social clash of the century as Ms. Delainie, a high-end wedding planner, and her assistant, Barbie, are hired to direct a simple ceremony for two of Lickskillit's favorite lovebirds. Grinning with confidence and guaranteed a promotion if the Margaret Hooper-Virgil Sludge wedding is a success, Ms. Delanie invites her boss, Mr. Wright, to attend the simple ceremony. But it's a wild romp before the nuptials are exchanged. The bride doubts the groom's love, the in-laws are decorating the church with Christmas garland, the Reverend arrives late with notes for a funeral service, and the groom ends up spending the night before the wedding in his best man's lizard trap. The morning of the wedding is a coordinator's nightmare. It starts with a skittish bride who thinks she's promised her love to the wrong man (her mama told her to marry “Mr. Right”), a lost groom and ungracious relatives that refuse to cooperate with fancy city ladies. Too busy with the bride to worry about the groom, Ms. Delanie and Barbie work on the threshold of tragedy trying to explain the difference between Mr. Wright and “Mr. Right” to the bride before she ends up marrying the wrong “Mr. Right.”
North Forsyth Middle School
Cumming, GA
Helena Christian School
East Helena, MT
Corsica-Stickney High School
Corsica, SD
Goodsoil Theatre Group
Goodsoil, SK, Canada
Yellow Grass Dinner Theatre Club
Yellow Grass, SK, Canada
USD 223
Barnes, KS
"If you're looking for a fun show with lots of quirky character roles, this is a great choice. Very simple, flexible staging and great corny one-liners. Guaranteed to leave 'em laughing."
By Dean Dyer - Director - Western High School
"What a great play for our community. There is a tremendous amount of comedy present in this play that will fit any audience and all ages. The kids really enjoyed performing and I expect there will be more "Virgil" in the years to come in Verndale. Thank you!"
By Jordan Hinkle - Director - Verndale Public School
"Just performed "Virgil's Wedding" over the weekend. It was a huge success!! The cast had a great time preparing for it and the audience was laughing so hard many of them were crying. Eddie McPherson is a comic genius. Highly recommend doing this one!!"
By Jon Sherry - Director - Sandusky High School, Sandusky, MI
One of the most important factors in this show is pacing. It should be a fast-moving play with short blackouts. The lines should come with hardly any spaces between them. That doesn't mean the lines should be delivered too fast. Let the words be heard but make sure the scenes are not long and drawn out.
Heritage Center - Washta, IA
Heritage Center - Washta, IA
Heritage Center - Washta, IA
Heritage Center - Washta, IA
Heritage Center - Washta, IA
Jack Britt High School
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