ISBN: 978-1-60003-388-9
Type: Full Length
Genre: Comedy
Themes: Travel, Multicultural, Stereotype
Duration: 65 minutes
Speaking Cast: 6 females, 5 males, 2 either (13 total cast)
Flexibility: 0-10 extras
SYNOPSIS: At the airport, two groups of people are "stuck" literally a few feet from one another—one group at the gate, the other on the plane out on the tarmac—hoping to get to the gate. And both groups have been waiting forever! Brandon would enjoy striking up a romance with Kayla. Oops . . . he forgot she already has a boyfriend, one that calls her constantly. Is Akbar really a terrorist or a victim of profiling? Can wealthy Mrs. Milford fake an injury to get personal service? When an employee announces the delay will be over in 15 minutes, Kayla informs everyone, "In airport speak, 15 minutes means all night long!" A comedy that'll leave you itching to give away those frequent flier miles.

Roles for non-speaking passengers may also be included depending on the needs of your production.
Galena Middle School
Galena, IL
Willow River ISD # 577
Willow River, MN
Rock County Public Schools
Bassett, NE
Shelton Public Schools
Shelton, NE
"A great script that taught the students comedy, drama and a few life lessons as well. Meggie Berning, Director, Galena (IL) Middle School Drama"
By Meggie Berning - Director - Galena Middle School Drama
From a production at Willow River High School, Minnesota
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