ISBN: 978-1-60003-326-1
Type: Full Length
Genre: Comedy
Themes: Teen Experience, School Dances And Proms, Social Status
Duration: 65 minutes
Speaking Cast: 7-21 females, 3-10 males, 4-21 either (14-52 total cast)
Flexibility: doubling possible, gender flexible
SYNOPSIS: Ten scenes and two monologues explore the life of teens: the horror of two girls at the prom wearing the same dress and their brilliant solution, two lost students on their first day at a new school meeting a nightmarish Guidance Counselor, and a guy being dumped for the lack of a car. From school to family to their social lives and volunteer work, this is a funny and poignant look at situations teens face.
Edgewood Colesburg CSD
Edgewood, IA
Watertown Middle School
Watertown, TN
Madison Middle School
Weaverville, NC
Roy Martin Middle School
Las Vegas, NV
Randolph Public School
Randolph, MN
Kalamazoo Christian Middle School
Kalamazoo, MI
"The Young Actors Theatre, a theater school for children from Kindergarten- 12th grade in Denver, Colorado, has produced Edith Weiss's scenes and plays for the past 25 years. They have been performed throughout Colorado, in San Francisco, California, Vancouver, B.C. and at The International Children's Festival at Wolf Trap in Reston, Virginia.

The scenes in "The Agony and the Hilarity: the Life of Teens" are a fast paced and fresh look at a teenager's life. My actors enjoyed the script because of Edith's dialogue, the multi-faceted characters, and that there was plenty for everyone to do in each of the scenes. I love Edith's work because it develops a sense of ensemble and clearly shows that all cast members are equally important to the production."

By Georganne Sugden - Director - Young Actors Theatre
The scenes in this play are the culmination of years of working with teenagers. I know teens don't want to feel ''dorky'' or do anything they feel is juvenile...but they love funny. Some of the scenes have toured, some have won prizes at competitions...all are tried and true. There's enough to choose from that the cast size is up to you. Most of the scenes use very little in the way of props, and set is not a necessity either. Have fun with this!
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