ISBN: 978-1-60003-319-3
Type: Trios & More
Genre: Comedy
Themes: Movies, Film & Television, Betrayal, Scheming
Duration: 10 minutes
Speaking Cast: 3 females (3 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: Newbie Sally Shell must co-anchor the evening news with veteran Shelly Sommers, but Sally makes the mistake of criticizing Shelly. In retaliation, Shelly challenges Sally to a ratings duel in which the winner will be crowned "Queen of KDST Channel 6 News," and the loser must resign. During the broadcast, as tensions rise, each newscaster hurls insults and silly string, leaving the viewing audience to wonder, "Is this news or a reality show?"
Bertrand High School
Bertrand, NE
Centura Public School (Speech)
Cairo, NE
Sioux Center CSD
Sioux Center, IA
Oakville High School
Saint Louis, MO
ZCSD Talented Theatre
Zachary, LA
Greeley Central High School Forensics
Greeley, CO
Ideas for plays lurk everywhere. In 2005, two students and I were on Pahrump KPVM-41 to promote a high school play we were producing. In studio, there were two sets in one room: one for a community talk show, the other for nightly news. One student sat down at the anchor desk and began to improvise the news. Her performance triggered the thought that this could become a comedy. About the same time, Will Farrell''s Anchorman was in theaters, and these two ideas became the basis for Anchorwoman, about two dueling newscasters.
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