ISBN: 978-1-93240-445-6
Type: Full Length
Genres: Dark Comedy, Parody
Themes: Movies, Film & Television, Death, Music
Duration: 85 minutes
Speaking Cast: 11 females, 7 males (18 total cast)
Flexibility: doubling possible, gender flexible
SYNOPSIS: "We're your hosts for 'American Idle: Murdering The Music,' the show where the singer who blows the most gets decimated by industry professionals!" shouts co-host Ryan Seasunk, the hyperactive emcee of the most popular talent show in America. As viewers tune in, the top ten finalists perform live for a lively studio audience and three in-fighting judges: Simon Callous, the snooty British critic, always ready to dish out a nasty barb; Paula Abominable, the relentlessly perky cheerleader turned has-been singer; and Randy Jackalacka, the monosyllabic, larger-than-life music producer. Victory, however, takes a backseat to survival as death threats are soon realized and the contestants start going down, one by one. Wanting the live show to go on no matter what, the ratings-hungry producer, Joanna, keeps hiding the bodies backstage during commercial breaks. By show's end, the killer is revealed, and only one singer of the original ten remains standing, ensuring that the music will continue to be murdered!
Michael A. Riffel High School
Regina, SK, Canada
Michigan Center High School
Michigan Center, MI, MI
Ortonville Public Schools
Ortonville, MN
Climax-Shelly Public School
Climax, MN
Pine View Middle School
Land O' Lakes, FL
Ubly Community Schools
Ubly, MI
"Randall David Cook is a talented writer who captivates his audience with golden nuggets of dialogue."
Entertainment Editor - Show Business Weekly
Benton High School, Benton, AR
Benton High School, Benton, AR
Benton High School, Benton, AR
Benton High School, Benton, AR
Benton High School, Benton, AR
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