ISBN: 978-1-60003-295-0
Types: Full Length, Holiday, Dinner Theatre
Genre: Comedy
Themes: Family - Dysfunctional, Christmas, Stranded
Duration: 90 minutes
Speaking Cast: 4 females, 5 males (9 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: It's Christmas Eve. The Partridge family can't wait to fly south for the holidays... that is, until they find themselves snowed in at the airport! Poor Jenny Partridge is forced to endure more than the usual family torture: a mother who can't cook to save her life, an embarrassing dad who thinks he's James Bond, and an incredibly annoying little brother whose sole goal in life is to drive people crazy. Now she has to deal with love-struck Kevin Schneider, the boy who's been writing her love poems since kindergarten; an overzealous but lovable security guard with an itchy trigger finger; a grouchy old airline manager, ironically named Mr. Smiley; and (horror of all horrors) Kevin's dictatorial mother, who is determined to Martha Stewart-ize the entire airport . . .and everyone in it! But somewhere amidst the "Tannen-bomb" threats, poisonous strudel, marriage proposals, and full-body tackles, Jenny and her family and friends discover that Christmas isn't about where you are; it's about the people you're with.
USD 297
St Francis, KS
Taylor's Crossing Public Charter School
91st Psalm Christian School
Phoenix, AZ
Tisdale Middle and Secondary School
Tisdale, SK, Canada
plains high school
plains, MT
Arizona Community Theatre
Coolidge, AZ
"This was an outstanding play for our students and community. Easily one of the most hilarious that we have had the opportunity to perform!"
By Katie Albers - Director - New Underwood High School Drama
"Directing this play was so easy. The set design, props, and costumes were minimal, too. My students loved their characters and the audience roared with laughter!"
By Jennifer Welch - Theatre Arts Teacher - Lumberton Middle School, Lumberton, TX
by Megan Orr
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