ISBN: 978-1-60003-275-2
Type: Full Length
Genres: Drama, Comedy
Themes: Teen Experience, Emotional Distress, Relationships
Duration: 90 minutes
Speaking Cast: 11 females, 8 males (19 total cast)
Flexibility: doubling possible, gender flexible
SYNOPSIS: Outside In traces the lives of 8 teens in Los Angeles over a 24-hour period. We meet a young woman who ran away from an abusive home, a boy who wants to be a superhero, girls with boyfriend trouble, an artistic boy whose father and brother are jocks, a girl who gets a text message that breaks her heart, and a girl whose first kiss involved a Red Vine, among others. Through a series of monologues and scenes that are, in turn, offbeat and poignant, the characters find each other and find themselves.
Forsyth R3 School
Forsyth, MO
Ridgemont High School Drama Club
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Orland High School
Orland, CA
Kenwood High School
Clarksville, TN
G-E-T High School
Galesville, WI
Newberry High School ACPS
Newberry, FL
North Canyon Theatre Ensemble (Phoenix, AZ; photo by Dan McKown)
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