ISBN: 978-1-60003-085-7
Type: One Act
Genre: Drama
Themes: Death, Friendship, Suicide Awareness
Duration: 50 minutes
Speaking Cast: 3 females, 3 males, 2 either (8 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: The play follows the offbeat extracurricular activities of a group of five teenagers who perform mock funeral rites. Their group is transformed from an informal and surreptitious band of misfits—The Undertaker's Club—into the Future Funeral Directors, a full-fledged student organization at their high school. Founded by Rowan Wilkinson and Bobby Lazar as a means of honing their skills to prepare for careers in mortuary science, it attracts other disaffected kids whose interest is less professional: Bettina Knapp and Jenny Collins, two girls with an interest in drama who find that they don't fit in with the school's theatrical troupe, and Tony, a diffident boy who wants nothing more than to play the corpse at the group's mock funerals. But when Bettina is killed in an accident, the students are forced to confront the subject that they treat so lightly. The Undertaker's Club is a cathartic vehicle that allows teenagers to imagine what the death of a friend at an early age would mean to them.
Altamont High School
Altamont, UT
Fairview Area Schools
Fairview, MI
Alexander High School
Douglasville, GA
Clarendon High School-Theatre
Clarendon, AR
Benson High School
Benson, AZ
"We enjoyed performing the play. The overall tone of the script fit our group well. I appreciated the economic nature of the sets and costumes, as well."
By Neal Chambliss - Director - Alexander High School
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