ISBN: 978-1-60003-276-9
Type: Full Length
Genre: Comedy
Themes: Movies, Film & Television, Competition, Deception
Duration: 120 minutes
Speaking Cast: 5 females, 3 males, 8 either (16 total cast)
Flexibility: gender flexible
SYNOPSIS: Rupert, a socially-conscious teenager, sets out to make a documentary entitled "Materialism and the Decay of Morality in Postmodern Society." He makes the mistake of recruiting assistance from other students at his high school and finds his production saddled with a militant vegan, an obsessive fan of Japanese comics, a redneck self-proclaimed movie expert, and others... all giving him terrible advice to which he doesn't have the willpower to say "no." Rupert's serious documentary soon degenerates into a cheesy slasher flick called "The Bloody Attack of the Evil, Demonic Giraffe Puppet: The Leprechauns Strike Back." Unfortunately, Rupert has already entered the movie in a documentary film contest under its original title.
In your own production of The Bloody Attack of the Evil, Demonic Giraffe Puppet, you have the opportunity to film Rupert's movie using your own actors and crew and incorporate it into your performance. The screenplay for the movie is included with the script for the play. Want to view a clip of the video from the world premiere production at Harrisonburg High School? Click on the video above.
The video preview is posted here to give directors an idea of what the Giraffe Puppet movie could look like, but the screenplay has been edited since the original production, so what you're watching won't perfectly match your script. Keep your dialogue moving briskly; the shorter and tighter your video is, the better. Have fun!
J. Graham Brown School
Louisville, KY
Winooski School District
Winooski, VT
Corning High School
Corning, AR
Federal Way High School
Federal Way, WA
Webster City High School
Webster City, IA
Chaparral Star Academy
Austin, TX
""Students kept stealing the reading script off my desk. By popular demand, we had to perform this wonderful play." - Lindsey Miller, Drama Director, Andale High School, Andale, KS"
By Lindsey Miller - Drama Director - Andale High School
""I don't remember ever having so much fun while working on a show. We ended rehearsals with side aches from laughing so much. Characters were well-defined, which allowed my actors to create very real people that the audience fell in love with. Working on the video was a great experience for my cast, and the students still recite certain parts of the play. Any school looking for a really fun, challenging production will love this show." - Daniel Castanon, Drama Director, Chavez High School, Stockton, CA"
By Daniel Castanon - Drama Director - Chavez High School
"Students kept stealing the reading script off my desk. By popular demand, we had to perform this wonderful play."
By Lindsey Miller, Drama Director, Andale High School, Andale, KS
Andale High School, Tiana grins at the rest of the participants in the documentary.
Andale High School, Rupert films one of the leprechaun scenes in his documentary.
Andale High School, Phoebe 'helps' with the documentary filming.
Andale High School, Rupert's documentary begins as the other contestants look on in horror.
Andale High School, Cliff and Rupert enjoy their lunch.
Andale High School, Rupert discovers the giraffe puppet in the woods.
Andale High School, Students begin showing up to be a part of Rupert's documentary.
Andale High School, Rupert's small band of strange participants.
Harrisonburg High School (Harrisonburg, VA)
Harrisonburg High School (Harrisonburg, VA)
Cesar Chavez High School (Stockton, CA)
Cesar Chavez High School (Stockton, CA)
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