ISBN: 978-1-60003-248-6
Type: Full Length
Genre: Comedy
Theme: Teen Experience
Duration: 90 minutes
Speaking Cast: 14 females, 6 males, 8-9 either (28-29 total cast)
Flexibility: 0-10 extras
SYNOPSIS: Pandemonium breaks out at the local high school beauty pageant! Everything starts out okay, but when the pageant director hires a couple of dimwitted tech guys to sabotage the contestants, mayhem ensues. To add to the confusion, Miss English gets stage fright, Miss Art's father wants her to come home to do her chores, Miss Drama's friends want to get into the act, and Miss Valedictorian recently had a brain operation. It's like a pageant at an insane asylum! Just as the winner is to be announced, the pageant erupts into total disarray. Audience members judge, and hilarity ensues.
Noe Middle School
Louisville, KY
Barnum Public Schools
Barnum, MN
Broken Arrow Freshman Academy
Broken Arrow, OK
Walden Grove High School
Sahuarita, AZ
West Liberty Salem Schools
West Liberty, OH
Spotlight Productions OKC
Okc, OK
"Kameron Klitgaard never disappoints! This is the third show of his we have done. The writing is clever and witty. The action is fast and hilarious. The audience LOVED that they were the judges and that ending of the play CHANGED every night due to who 'Won'. Great play!"
By Heather Carlson - Director - Barnum Public Schools
"I chose Miss High School Beauty Pageant for several reasons and was thrilled with the production. All of the characters enjoyed their roles due to the witty lines (Thank you, Kamron Klitgaard) and costumes that fit their character. EASY sets: a podium and some wooden boxes that we painted to fit color scheme. Scene 6, the finale' included columns,palm trees, and gold mylar against the back curtain.It is an excellent contemporary play with several roles that were not too labor intensive yet allowed several moments in the spotlight."
By Tammy Morris - Director - Hampton-Dumont High School
"My students loved producing this play and the student audience loved it as well. We had huge audiences for this show. It is a crowd pleaser!!"
By Denise Heiman - Director - Woodbury Central School
Hampton-Dumont High School, Opening dance number.
Hampton-Dumont High School, Miss Science talent competition
Hampton-Dumont High School, Miss Science's talent competition (in goggles and blue dress). Foreign...
Hampton-Dumont High School, Miss PE and friend Jennifer.
Hampton-Dumont High School, Miss English and boyfriend, Jack.
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