ISBN: 978-1-60003-216-5
Type: One Act
Genres: Comedy, Mystery, Parody
Themes: Crime, Marriage, Detectives/Sherlock Holmes
Duration: 45 minutes
Speaking Cast: 8 females, 2 males, 5-15 either (15-25 total cast)
Flexibility: 0-5 extras
SYNOPSIS: Maggie Eye-Spy, our private investigator heroine, desperate to prove herself as a true blue detective, has followed a getaway car from a jewel robbery to the mansion of the richest woman in town, the imperious Miss Mayberry Marblesham. However, when a police search turns up nothing, it raises the ire of the no-nonsense Sergeant Sharon Snooker. On top of that, Maggie's goofy but loyal husband Harry decides to butt into matters. To clear her name and find the stolen diamonds, Maggie goes undercover as a man to Miss Mayberry's yearly ball to find the truth, with Harry sneaking along, undercover dressed as a woman. What ensues includes mistaken identities, lavish dance sequences, and witty silliness.
St. Walburg School
St. Walburg, SK, Canada
Beulah High School
Beulah, ND
Memorial Junior High
Lansing, IL
Fowler Public Schools
Fowler, CO
Hinsdale South H.S. Deaf Drama Club
Darien, IL
Mt. Healthy City Schools
Cincinnati, OH
I must admit, I am a fan of old-fashioned silliness. The kind of silliness that twists your tongue and does anything for a laugh. With EYE-SPY, PI I wanted to write a play that would make people smile and remind students that we are free to be who we want to be. Chase your dreams. Dance as badly as you want. Dress however you want. And most of all, remember to have fun with the people you love.
The cast of EYE-SPY, PI as performed by the Hinsdale South High School Deaf Drama Club.
Hinsdale South High School
Hinsdale South High School - Miss Mayberry Marblesham addresses her guests
by Max R. Bever, Hinsdale South High School (IL)
Hinsdale South High School - Harry Spy gets the dance started
Hinsdale South High School - Miss Marblesham and her four Flappers
Hinsdale South High School - Miss Marblesham and Harry duel
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