ISBN: 978-1-93180-579-7
Type: One Act
Genre: Comedy
Themes: Fairy Tale, Magic, Inspirational
Duration: 45 minutes
Speaking Cast: 8 females, 4 males (12 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: Karen Smith, daydreaming daughter of two buttoned-down accountants, is set to begin at a new school for high achievers. Instead, she finds herself at Fairy Tale Academy, a training school for fairy tale characters. The accent is on character indeed in this fun-filled play as audiences meet Mrs. Christian-Anderson, the teacher who functions as emcee to a classroom of true characters including a spoiled dragon, a mall-girl princess, a cranky old crone, a dragon with the temperament of a demanding four year-old, a handsome (if somewhat vapid) prince and more. Karen becomes the heroine of the class project and longs to stay at the school permanently. But first, she must get her parents' permission. Will Mr. and Mrs. Smith rediscover their own long-dormant imaginations? A humorous, contemporary twist on classic fairy tales, Fairy Tale Academy is a delightful reminder to audiences about the power of imagination.
Commerce High School
Commerce, OK
Solomon High School
Solomon, KS
Commerce HS
Commerce, OK
Richards MS
Lawrenceville, GA
Panguitch High School
Panguitch, UT
Rogers Middle School
Prosper, TX
"This is a great and short play for elementary students audience. Children enjoy seeing magic characters along with the modern 'civilian' characters. Also, it is easy on the design costumes for most of the characters and sets for home and school scenes. This play allows to include students of different age in the production."
By Olga Silverman - Director - Solomon High School
by Michelle Van Loon
by Michelle Van Loon
Solomon High School, Karen and Aunt Berniece walking to school.
Solomon High School, Mrs. Christian-Andersen and Farley the Dragon
Solomon High School, A cranky Old Woman shows Prince Rupert where to find his Princess.
by Michelle Van Loon
Solomon High School, The battle of Prince Rupert and Farley the Dragon.
Solomon High School, Prince Rupert meets Princess Tiffany.
Solomon High School, Prince Rupert fights Farley the Dragon
Solomon High School, Karen tries to tell her Father where she spent the day.
Solomon High School, The key is discovered.
Solomon High School, Full cast and crew.
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