ISBN: 978-1-60003-151-9
Type: Full Length
Genre: Comedy
Theme: Crime
Duration: 90 minutes
Speaking Cast: 13 females, 8 males (21 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: Harriet Gunther's Chicago boarding house for young ladies almost loses its good reputation in a single night in 1925. Three gangsters posing as the new "help" invade the house looking for a treasure supposedly hidden there by Two Ton Tommy, a notorious but now dead-gangster. To complicate matters, the world's greatest screen lover and his director take refuge in the house to escape rabid fans. A would-be writer promises to do anything to find the girl of his dreams who lives in the house—only he doesn't know which one. Father and son tycoons insist on impressing as many of the girls in the house as they can. Topping it off, a nosey neighbor is sure Harriet is running a speakeasy. Is it any wonder several of the girls fall hard for the intruders? Chicago in the 20s—it's exactly what made the decade roar!
Eustis-Farnam High School
Eustis, NE
Franklin Performing Arts Department
Seattle, WA
Northwoods Players LTD
Phillips, WI
w.d. high school
manchester, IA
Wolf Point High School
Wolf Point, MT
Camden County Historical Society
Linn Creek, MO
"Terrific play with a large cast and a lot of good character parts. Great fun...standing room only performances. I can't recommend Ain't She Sweet highly enough."
By David Miller - Director of Drama - Lake Forest High School, Lake Forest, IL
"We were pleasantly surprised by the writing…excellent characterization. Our kids did research on the real-life characters (from the name twist of each character). Our kids had a wonderful time with the production."
By Kate Muldoon - Niagra Falls High School, Niagra Falls,
"Unique and different...full of dramatic characters."
By Jan Batson - Teacher - Jefferson County School District, Louisv
by Craig Sodaro
by Craig Sodaro
by Craig Sodaro
Bellefontaine High School
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